We always choose sustainable practices free from chemicals. To us, practically speaking, sustainable means using as little plastic as possible, making smart choices about water use, reusing materials (barrels that heat our greenhouse are from car repair shops around town and the plastic on our greenhouse is from another greenhouse that was getting rid of them), having animals that eat waste food from the farm and local restaurants.

Trout Creek Farm Happy Pigs

Our pigs happily munch on heads of lettuce that bolted

Our farm is creating a full, healthy system where we keep our animals fed and their manure on the fields. This manure and ‘green manure’ or cover crops build our soil heath and fertility, which in turn keep down pests.  Our 8,000 ft elevation helps keep the pests away too! No herbicides are used. Weeds are kept away with hand weeding, hoes and our tractor.

Everything we do is ‘organic’ but we are not certified due to cost and paperwork. Also, I don’t think that it is necessary. I have the pleasure of interacting with most of my customers and everyone is free to ask questions and visit the farm to see us and our practices in action.