*Farmer Beth is having a baby! To accommodate the little one and the farm, the CSA will be put on pause for 2017. Thank you all for your support!*

2012 garden 020

French Breakfast radishes happily growing in Colorado sun.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a model of farming where each year customers buy a “share” of the harvest, becoming a “shareholder” or “member” of the farm. The yearly share price supports the actual running costs of the farm at the beginning of the season to pay for seeds, potting soil and the like. The investment in a CSA helps the farm get going every year.  In return, the farm supplies each member with a weekly share of the farm’s produce based on the actual production of the farm. By signing up as a member, you agree to being the farm’s customer for the year and thus provide a secure market.

Shared risk, shared reward

CSA is a shared risk (drought offers less produce) and a shared reward (ideal growing conditions yield and abundance). As a member, you share, through the veggies, the farmer’s experience of nature’s giving or taking.

This is an important concept woven into the CSA model that takes the arrangement beyond the usual commercial transaction. Many times, the idea of shared risk is part of what creates a sense of community among members, and between members and the farmers. We are all subject to the power of nature.

What does that mean specifically on Trout Creek Farm?

Throughout the growing season, your weekly share is made up of the freshest vegetables available from the farm. The variety and amount in the share depend on the month and weather. Pick up days are Monday or Thursday 3-6 PM from June 9th – October 13th. When you get to the farm, a farmer’s market style display will be set up for you to pick from. There will be set vegetables each week but you have some options within a category. For example, if part of the share this week is one pound of cooking greens you can pick between taking a pound of kale or chard or whatever else is available.  You won’t have to take a bunch of anything you don’t want.

In addition to the set vegetables you will have the opportunity to harvest a variety of Pick-Your-Own (PYO) vegetables, and herbs. We will harvest about 90% of the food for you but some items are mostly PYO, such as green beans, peas, cherry tomatoes, and herbs. This is also a great way to be more involved with the farm and your food. Harvesting these vegetables for your share shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes but those are a great 10 minutes spent relaxing in the garden.

As a farm member you will also have the opportunity to purchase additional bulk produce at wholesale prices for canning and freezing.

Our member shares should feed two vegetarian adults or a supply enough veggies for a family of four and is $350. Please email or call with interest or questions.